Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Nails : Skull Print

Well hello there everyone ! Fancy seeing you here on Halloween Night, what a coincidence ! Who'd have thought I'd do Halloween nails to suit the occasion ? Turns out LOADS of people have, would you believe it ?! So anyway, this is the final installment in my Halloween nails series I've been doing over the last few days, and I hope you all like them !

So just in case you can't tell, I've done lots of little mini skulls (pretty abstract ones to say the least) to make a skull print design ! It turned out exactly as I had planned, but I almost wish I had used a dark grey (OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! maybe) instead of a plain black polish. I suppose the black does go with a lot of the whole Halloween business though !

For this design I used my trusty black polish, American Apparel Hassid (seriously amazing polish if you ask me), and then for the skulls I used American Apparel T-Shirt and my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in white. The skulls were really easy to do : all you have to do is make a big white dot with the large end of a dotting tool, and then either using a nail art pen or a small dotting tool just dot on three white spots underneath each large one. I then went over the big ones with a medium dotting tool and black polish to paint the eyes... see ? easy !

And that's it for my Halloween nails guys ! I'll be back tomorrow with a Movember moustache on my nails (hopefully), I'm planning the design out in my head already ! I've actually really enjoyed doing all these Halloween-themed nails these past few days, my favourite were probably the pumpkins though ! What are your favourite Halloween nails of all time ?

See you all tomorrow everyone !


  1. I ♥ Your Blog!

    I nominated you for The Leibster Blogger award!

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  2. This is one of my fave halloween nail looks I've seen :-)

  3. Great look i love the !:)

  4. I was inspired by your design (cause it's awesome!), and I thought you might wanna see? :)
    (not sure if you mind links in comments, hope not, and this one is totally related to the post :D )


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