About Me

My name's Sarah, I'm 20, British although I live in France, and am studying German and Russian at the University of Bath !

I discovered nail art waaaay back in 2010 whilst on a student exchange in Berlin. I was surfing the Internet and suddenly came across a photo of a watermelon design on someone's nails. I rushed out to the local drugstore and picked up (after marvelling at all the pretty colours) pink and green polishes and a black and white nail art pen. I have to say, the design turned out pretty well for a first attempt at nail art, and I was extremely flattered by all the compliments I got !

So anyway, my passion for nail art grew over the following months and I slowly accumulated more and more polishes (as well as all the tools that come with the trade), and "mastered" more and more designs that I could do on my nails. I've been taking photos of my nails since I first started nail art, however I have only recently decided that my photography is "Internet worthy" ! This blog will therefore document all the nail art, swatches, reviews, etc.. that I do, and I hope that it will also justify my over-spending on all things nail polish related !

Enjoy the blog, and don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have !

And by the way, all nail art and photos on this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise, if not, links are provided to the original source.
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