Saturday, 20 October 2012

Swatch : GOSH - Holographic Hero

Good evening everybody ! So as promised, in today's final scheduled post (I'm back at uni tomorrow, so that means normal posting) I have an awesome swatch for you all ! I've never really understood the hype about holographic polishes, I mean I saw swatches of different holos on the internet and everything and I thought the rainbow effect you could see was just an efect from the light during the photographing, and that it would just look like a normal shimmer polish all the rest of the time, but I hereby stand corrected !

I never really contemplated really searching for GOSH Holographic, as like I said, holos had never really intrigued me, but when I went into Superdrug when I first arrived here for coming to uni to go and pick up a bottle of MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, I spotted the holo polish and decided I really ought to give it a try.

Honestly I have to admit that I'm rather impressed with this polish ! I totally understand the hype around it, as they discontinued it for a while due to complaints about the bad formula and it got pretty expensive for buying off the internet from the few lucky people who had already picked up a bottle. Luckily for us, they've brought it back out with a notice saying that it really is just for "one night", so as to have an excuse for early wear !

I did these swatches without base coat or top coat, as I heard it can ruin the holo effect ! I did putting some Seche Vite over a nail after I'd done the photos for my post, just to compare the effects on the different nails, and honestly I really couldn't see any different in the holo-ness, it still looked just as pretty, dragged a bit on the polish underneath maybe, but nothing noticeable !

And that's it for the scheduled posts this weekend everyone ! Make sure you come along tomorrow, as I'll be celebrating my 100th POST ! Woah ! How did that even happen ? That means it's been 100 days since I first launched this blog, which is amazing ! Just goes to show how quickly time flies when you're having fun blogging !

See you all tomorrow guys, have a great day !


  1. How many layer did you put on?

    1. Oh yes, forgot to say ! Just two coats !


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