Saturday, 6 October 2012

NOTD : Pokénails

Hey there everyone ! So today I have an old design for you all because I'm not quite ready to take off yesterday's nails ! These nails are from way way waaaaaaay back in March I think (or about that time), and I had just cut my nails down really short because of a breakage on my little finger nail (I think), so I had to do a design that would fit in well with my relatively tiny nails !

So I had seen a couple of different pokémon nails before I did these, I didn't actually do any proper research looking for all the different pokéball nails that had already been done, and still haven't as a matter of fact, but I'm sure there are plenty of them around !

For this design I started with a coat of OPI Alpine Snow, then I selotaped off half of my nail and filled in one half of each nail with Barry M Red (I think, it's been a long time) ! For the black bits I used my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in black and then did another dot with Alpine Snow. Looking at the design now, in hindsight I really should have started with the red as a base, because the clean up made the white base colour show up under the red, but oh well !

So I've only got a couple of photos of this design seeing as I did it such a long time ago, so hopefully just two will suit you all ! I thought this design turned out quite well, mainly due to the fact that my nails were so short and therefore gave more of a rounded "ball" look if that's possible !

So now I'm off to go partay in the Students Union, how fun ! I'll also have to start pondering about what I'm going to do on my nails tomorrow... another Germany collection based mani, maybe ? We'll see in any case !

Enjoy your evening everyone !


  1. Yaaay Pokemon! This mani has been on my to-do list for a while... This is so cute and well done :3

  2. I used to be obsessed with pokemon when I was younger, these are so cool!

  3. amazing idea, i used to love pokemon when i was little!:)]


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