Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Swatch : Models Own - Dancing Queen

Hey everybody ! Another day, another swatch for you all ! We're nearing the end of my swatches of the Models Own Mirrorball collection, with only today and tomorrow left to complete all the swatches ! Today's glitter isn't the most original out the the whole collection, it seems to be a hybrid of Freak Out and Disco Inferno, but it still looks pretty damn good !

So this is Models Own Dancing Queen, and it is made of light blue shard glitter, green gold and royal blue medium hexes, and then gold micro hexes. It is similar to the consistency of Freak Out, in that it isn't very dense, unlike Disco Inferno and Hot Stuff for example, this swatch shows only one coat of Dancing Queen.

The base colour for this manicure is OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me, recently released in the OPI Germany collection, which is FULL of great colours ! Can't wait to try them all out, and they all look pretty great under the Mirrorball glitters, but I'm sure they'll be amazing for nail art too !

And once again, that's it for today's post everyone ! Hope you liked this swatch, I think that even though it's a hybrid of two other polishes from this collection, Dancing Queen definitely comes into it's own when it's layered over another green polish to bring out the "green theme" it's got going on !

Have a lovely evening everybody !


  1. Special color, reminds me of mustard. I like the glitters in it.

  2. Nice colour!:)



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