Wednesday, 17 October 2012

NOTD : Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea ?

Well hello there everyone ! Do I have any Spongebob Squarepants fans out there reading this ? Because if I do, I'm sure you'll all be pleasantly surprised ! I HAVE SPONGEBOB NAILS ! I've been watching Spongebob for such a long time now, I don't even know when exactly the love affair started, but Spongebob will never grow old for me !

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever ? I wasn't at all sure about how painting Spongebob was going to turn out, but luckily for me it turned out really well, and I'm really really really happy with the end result ! And as you have probably seen, I did Patrick Star as well, who I think turned out okay, but then again he doesn't have the most complicated of faces, just eyes and a mouth !

So the polishes I used for this design were, first of all for the flowers that represent the "sky" in Bikini Bottom, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, China Glaze Man Hunt and my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in yellow. Then for Patrick and Spongebob I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, American Apparel T-Shirt, American Apparel Hassid, OPI Dim Sum Plum, OPI Don't Talk Back to Me and then my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in black (plus a little dot of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream for Spongebob's eyes).

I'm especially pleased with the way the black outlining turned out in this design, I've never been fond of outlining my nail art designs as it usually turns out quite sloppy and shaky when I do it, but using the black nail art pen in this design really helped !

So for tomorrow I'm thinking of doing a FULL Spongebob mani, what you all reckon ? Loads of different Spongebob faces would just be the pinnacle of nail art for me ! Exciting stuff !

Have a great day everyone !


  1. Yaay, spongebob is the best ; ) I love this, ooh yep I'd love to see you do the others : )

  2. this is so great! i used to watch spongebob all the time but i haven't in forever. his face turned out so perfectly!

  3. Omg they are amazing you are so great, i dont know how you do it!:)

  4. Aaah so cute. I love it, it's made perfectly.

  5. This is so amazing!<3 Those two look perfect o_o

    Crissie's Mind


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