Friday, 19 October 2012

Cushion Dots

Hey there guys ! So this is a scheduled post, like I told you all yesterday, because I'm up in Oxford visiting friends for the weekend (and obtaining even more polish, but shh, you can't never have enough polish) ! So I did this design earlier in the week, hoping for a NOTD, but then ended up deciding that I wasn't completely happy with it and therefore didn't really want to keep it on, so I did another design instead, but nonetheless, I will share my personal "fail art" with you all !

I have to admit, the design doesn't look that bad, but it wasn't at all what I'd imagined, partly because of the colours I ended up choosing for the design. The design was actually inspired by part of the fabric on a cushion I bought for my room here at uni, and one that I've been admiring for a while. It's a very light beige with slightly darker spots on, then with alternating coloured spots on top. Unfortunately the two beiges I chose weren't different enough, and ended up just moulding together into an undistinguishable blur !

So for this design I used OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons for the base, OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh for the darker beige dots (that you probably can't even see !), then I used OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me, Barry M Bright Purple and Barry M Cyan Blue for the coloured dots. See what I mean about the two beige colours being too similar ? You just can't see the design without having to look really reaaaaally close up !

And that's it for today everyone ! I hope you like it, even though I didn't really ! I think it would have been better with just the coloured dots and one single beige polish, but I was really annoyed that this didn't turn out the way I wanted it to !

Have a great day everyone ! Tune in tomorrow for a really awesome swatch !


  1. They are so cute!!:)

  2. even though they weren't what you wanted I think they look really cute!

  3. Major nail envy. You are seriously so talented! I wish I had your skills, they may not be what you wanted but I think they're still lovely!

    Charlotte xo


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