Sunday, 21 October 2012

NOTD : Dior Gradient

Hello there again everyone ! So I'm back from my weekend away in Oxford, and I hope you enjoyed the two posts I prepared for you all to keep you busy whilst I was gone ! BUT, I'm back, and this is my 100th POST ! Can you believe it ?! I can't believe it's already been 100 days since I first started posting on here, and 100 consecutive posts of my nails ! So to celebrate, I've got a great mani for you all, which is very special as it's doen using some of my brand new Dior nail polishes !

As soon as I saw these three polishes together I knew exactly what I was going to do with them, and a gradient was necessary ! All three have shimmer going through them, like most of the Dior nail varnishes, but these were larger than the usualy superfine shimmer you get in the cremes. I'm tempted to say that these polishes had quite a jelly finish, almost a creme/jelly hybrid !

For this gradient design the three polishes I used were Dior Pink Porcelain (189), Dior Flapper Pink (453) and Dior Indie Orange (447, also known as Mandarin Orange). I think these three colours all go really well together, and make for a nice gradient. The brush in the bottles is amazing as well, once you work out how much nail varnish to actually hae on the brush it all works perfectly !

And that's it today for my 100th post ! Here's to another 100 ! My god, that will be at the end of January next year, not long now at all, and that'll be roughly the 6-month mark for this blog as well ! Exciting stuff !

See you all tomorrow for another nail art post (probably Dior again !), have a great day everyone !


  1. Do you paint your nails daily then? How do you look after them and keep them healthy?

    1. I do my best to paint them daily, don't always manage but I do try !

      I look after them by moisturising my hands regularly (currently using OPI Papaya Citrus Massage lotion), keeping cuticles pushed back and healthy using Burts Bees cuticle balm and I just make sure I wash my hands regularly !
      Hope this helps ! :)

  2. Stunning and congrats and we'll done on ur 100th blog birthday xxx


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