Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NOTD : M&M's

Hey guys ! So I've got a super-awesome mani today that I'm super-proud of ! Turns out I got bored pretty quickly today of yesterday's nails, even though I really liked them, my Mum reminded me of a nail design I did literally aaaaaaaaages ago earlier, and I had to do it again, not just for nostalgia, but to see how far I've actually come in terms of my nail art skills !

Yeah ! M&M's, just in case you hadn't read the title ! I love these nails so much (as I say that just after having split a nail after opening a tub of instant hot chocolate, it's on my right hand, so not too drastic, but a disaster nonetheless), the design is so simple yet it really does get loads of compliments ! I guess it may be the pop culture side of things, having a recognisable design as opposed to just a plain pattern, I love it either way !

So for this design the different colours I used were P2 Hug Me, China Glaze Man Hunt, 17 Baked Cherry, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and then Collection 2000 Ninja. The only real dilemma I had was the fact that there are six different M&M colours, so I ended up having to ditch one of the colours on my right hand so I could include an orange nail, just to make up all the proper colours ! For the orange (even though you can't see it), I used OPI My Back Pocket. Oh, and I used my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in white for the little "m"s on each nail.

And that's it again for today everyone ! I hope you like this design, and have you ever recreated a design you've already done to see how you've improved ? The last time I did this design I had to do the "m"s with a dotting tool because I didn't own any nail art pens, I'm so glad I do now though because I love how precise my work can turn out with them ! The "m"s look much more delicate in today's design than in the ones I did (just checked the date, it was in January 2011, officially ages ago) all that time ago !

Have a great day tomorrow guys, and enjoy the rest of your evening !

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EDIT : Here's a photo of what my first attempt looked like... just for fun, after Alice from One Nail to Rule Them All suggested I post it !


  1. I think you should post a picture of your previous ones to see the difference! these look great :D simple but effective

    1. Ahhh I'll do that now, just make sure you prepare yourself ! ;)

  2. I was going to ask you to post a comparison picture too! Definitely like the new ones more. I did these when I just started out too, maybe I'll re-do them and see how I've improved :)

  3. Super cool!.)


  4. :-) wow. I would love to eat your nails.


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