Monday, 1 October 2012

Swatch : Models Own - Freak Out

Hey there everyone ! I'm posting slightly earlier than last night which is always a good thing, considering I only just managed to post it at 11:57pm, a little too close for comfort ! As you can probably tell by the title, I've got another Mirrorball swatch today, and it's super pretty (like all of the polishes from this collection as a matter of fact) !

So this is, as you may have seen, Models Own Freak Out, the blue glitter top coat from the Mirrorball collection. It contains light blue shard glitter, light blue micro bar glitter, medium royal blue hexes, and then some pinkish/purplish micro hexes. The glitter in this polish I found isn't as dense as some of the others from the collection, the swatch photos show two coats, I think three would have been necessary to get the same density as in the other polishes.

In these photos I've swatched Freak Out over Models Own Blooboo, a really pretty light blue creme polish, that has a slight shimmer in the bottle, however I can't see said shimmer on the nails which is a bit of a shame, but I like it nonetheless !

And that's it for tonight guys ! I'd better get an early night tonight to catch up for yesterday's late night ! Especially seeing as I have an early lecture I need to get ready for ! I hope you're enjoying these swatches, and I hope you appreciate the pain-in-the-bum-ness of having to take glitter off my nails every evening ! That being said, I'm going to need some more acetone soon... anyone know which UK shops sell it pure ?

Have a great evening everyone !


  1. I love the Mirrorballs - this one looks great on you!
    I got a huge 500ml bottle of acetone from Sally's for about £3.50 - they have a store locator here :)


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