Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTD : Cupcakes !

Hey everybody ! So I had to take off my floral nails from a couple of days ago this evening because one of my nails has broken so I've had to cut my nails down short to limit breakages ! I don't mind having short nails, in fact I actually really quite like them, I can just never be bothered to sit down each day and file them, and they grow long and then I get annoyed because I can't write anymore, so I cut them all down, and then they grow back... it's a vicious circle really.

So here are my short new nails ! My Mum gave me the idea to do cupcakes when I asked her this morning because I was lacking inspiration ! She always has the best ideas ! I didn't want to do a full set of cupcake nails, so I settled for two accent cupcakes, cute right ? I was hoping the stripes on all the other nails would stand out more than they do, maybe I should have just done pink and brown stripes instead...

For this design the colours I used were OPI My Very First Knockwurst, an un-named pink Color Club polish, OPI Berlin There Done That and then OPI You Don't Know Jacques for the darker brown dots on each cupcake. I'm really happy with how these nails turned out, and I really like only having a couple of cupcakes on each hand ! Plus the little red rhinestones I used for cherries look so sweet, I love it !

And that's it once again for today everyone ! I hope you like these little cupcakes, I actually think they look slightly realistic in that the colour are actually plausible cupcake colours ! What do you think ?

Have a great evening guys !


  1. They are so cute!:)

  2. These look amazing! The rhinestones are a lovely touch xx

  3. I didnt see the stripes until I read it. It's lovely, and I don't think your nails are short, contrary. I like them more now.


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