Thursday, 1 November 2012

NOTD : Movember

Hellooooo there everyone ! Need to do just a quick post tonight as I still have lots of things left to sort before I go to bed, and I'm rather behind track on everything I need to get done ! Hectic times ahead ! So, obviously needing to gain time on everything I'm doing this evening, I just had to do a quick and simple nail design, nothing fancy, so here it is !

So I already told you yesterday (and the day before as a matter of fact) that I was going to do nails in honour of Movember, and I know that guys are supposed to start with blank canvases, but alas, I'm a girl and the only alternative I have is to paint moustaches on my nails ! What a pity ! I probably could have done something way more intricate than this, but as I said, I really don't have much time to spare this evening !

For this design I only used two different polishes : OPI Berlin There Done That and American Apparel Hassid. I figured I ought to do a mutual base colour (as opposed to the pastel rainbow base colours I was planning out) because it's somewhat more manly for moustache nails ! The moustaches were very simple to do : two big black dots next to eachother on each nail and then just paint a quick flick out to the side !

So that's it for tonight guys ! I'll see you tomorrow with a rather nice surprise for you all ! Aren't you lucky (I just hope it lives up to expectations) ! Are any of you planning on doing special "Movember" nails ? This was my first time doing moustache nails and I'm really quite happy with how they turned out ! None of them are exactly the same either which is cool !

See you all tomorrow everyone ! Have a great day tomorrow, and I'll see you then !


  1. Great idea - we have to show our support!

  2. So cute, deffo gonna try this i have those colours!:)

  3. super cute! I'll be doing Movember nails soon :)

  4. they look really neat and so cute :)


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