Saturday, 3 November 2012

Swatch : Dior - Bikini

Helloooooo everyone ! So here's the second part of my Dior swatches for this weekend while I'm away visiting my mother and sister ! I'll currently be on the train as this is posted, and although I'll be back at uni soon, I didn't want to risk not having time to do my nails for you all this evening so I got this swatch thing planned for you !

So this beauty is Bikini, from the Dior Summer 2012 collection, containing two limited edition nail varnishes which are now incredibly hard to find (and go for megabucks on eBay) as they've been discontinued completely ! Lucky for me though, I managed to get my hands on both of the polishes, so I could give you all the pleasure of seeing them !

Bikini is a very hot pink coral nail polish, which is absolutely perfect for Summer ! It's bright and easy to wear by itself, and is also completely with the shimmer you can find in most Dior crème polishes (as I said yesterday) ! I love the shimmer you can see in the Dior polishes, very subtle yet just knowing it's there is quite satisfying !

Overall, I think that both Bikini and Saint Tropez go amazing well together as a collection (albeit a small collection, but considering the price, you wouldn't want to have to buy any more than just two to complete it) ! They're such great colours for Summer, and are perfect for wearing at the beach ! And also, have you seen how glossy these polishes are ? No top coat on either of them ! I have to say, I was impressed !

So same time tomorrow everyone, I'll have a fresh NOTD for you ! See you then !


  1. I thought I'd just drop by and say that you take the most beautiful photos of your nails - they always look so professional! Whenever I take a photo of mine I think in the back of my mind "how would the girl from "try my hand" do this? Keep up the good work :)

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much ! It really means a lot to hear that I'm inspiration for other people !

  2. That is suh a gorgeous colour!:)


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