Friday, 2 November 2012

Swatch : Dior - Saint Tropez

Good evening everybody ! So here I am with a scheduled post for you all for the "big surprise" I promised you all in yesterday's post ! I got the train over to near Portsmouth this morning so as to surprise my mother and sister who are over in England at the moment, and this is the only opportunity to see them before Christmas so it had to be done ! And therefore, I have a couple of swatches for you today and tomorrow, so here goes !

The two polishes I have for you this weekend are the Dior 2012 Limited Edition Summer nail polishes that were released, and are now discontinued and rather hard to find ! This is Saint Tropez, and I think that not only the colour but also the name of the polish make it really a really Summer-appropriate colour. I only wish I'd have had this colour to wear this Summer just gone !

So the colour is a really bright light turquoise colour, with the very faint shimmer you can always find in Dior crème polishes. I used two coats for this swatch, and application was very easy (as with all Dior polishes) once you get used to the different brush ! I can't decide whether I prefer the Dior brush or the standard OPI brushes, because the application is actually relatively similar !

And that's it for this post ! I'll be back same time tomorrow to show you the other half of this limited edition Summer collection, and as much as Saint Tropez is seriously sought after, I hope tomorrow's polish doesn't disappoint after this beauty !

Have a lovely evening everyone !


  1. amazing summer colour!:)

  2. That's such a beautiful colour! I could see this working really well for the Spring season too :)


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