Friday, 9 November 2012

Swatch : OPI - Deutsch You Want Me Baby ?

Hey there everybody ! So like I mentioned yesterday, I've got a couple of swatches for you all today and tomorrow, seeing as I'm away and won't be able to do my nails again until Sunday ! Both of the swatches were done yesterday before I'd cut my nails down, so there's still plenty of canvas in the photos for these amazing colours I'm going to be showing you !

Today's polish is part of the OPI Fall/Winter Germany collection, and as I've already mentioned tonnes of times before, this collection is seriously amazing in my books ! All the colours go so well together, and you mzy have noticed, I've been able to do quite a lot of nail art with just the polishes from the collection, it's just so versatile (and the colours are perfect for the season, obviously) !

OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby is the perfect Autumn shade : a burned-rusty orange colour with a gorgeous shimmer and slightly red-leaning in certain lights. It can become quite yellow in bright lights, but I couldn't capture that shade in a decent photo to show you !

Now if I'm perfectly honest with you, I usually hate orange colours on my nails, but I was so surprised by this colour, and how it actually suits me ! Total amazement ! Oh, and I almost forgot to say, this swatch is two coats without any top coat (but believe me when I say that top coat enhances the already superb shimmer).

And that's it for today, tune in tomorrow for another gorgeous polish from the Germany collection !


  1. that is the most gorgeous christmas colour!:)

  2. Gorgeous red! I love this one!

  3. The perfect red! All my reds are too dark and cherry toned. Want it!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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