Sunday 12 August 2012

15 Day Nail Challenge (Day 12) : Stripes

Hiya everyone ! I have yet another challenge from Makeup Savvy's nail challenge for you today, today's theme being stripes ! Now, me being me, I had to step out the box for this one yet again, and instead of just doing huge stripes across or down my nails, I decided I'd do tiny little stripes strategically positioned to make what we call "zigzags". Clever, right ?

Yeah ! Strategically placed stripes ! I think this design is okay, but the freehand zigzags aren't well painted enough for my liking, but then again I only did this manicure for the photos for this post (am currently sorting out scheduled posts for when I'm on holiday the first week of September) !

The base colour I used for this design was OPI Steady as She Rose, which is just such a versatile polish, and the colour seems to shift from pinkish to quite lilac-y purple depending on what it's paired with ! I used OPI Funkey Dunkey for the freehand zigzags, for which I used a medium nail art brush (I really need to get a smaller one for more precise designs).

So yeah.. cool ! I think I'll wait until I have a small nail art brush before I try doing these zigzags again, but these will do for now !

Enjoy your Sunday !

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