Tuesday, 18 September 2012

TMH Fashion Week : Marc Jacobs

So hello and welcome to this week's new series : Try My Hand Fashion Week ! I have a full seven days, from Monday to Sunday (whilst I'm preparing my move to uni in the UK), of nail art inspired by fashion designers either fresh from the runway at New York fashion week, or way back from Spring 2012 ! So prepare yourselves for a week of funky prints and bright patterns, it's TMH Fashion Week !

Okay so here goes for day two of my fashion series ! I was originally only going to feature designs I had seen for Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, but when I saw this design from Spring 2012, I knew I had to include it ! I've done a pretty abstract interpretation of the design, but I still think it turned out pretty well !

So as you can see from the photo, title and what I said previously, today's nail art is inspired by a print from Marc Jacob's Spring 2012 line, released a whole year ago ! I only realised after finishing this design on my nails that the print is supposed to represent bird-like shapes, as opposed to what I thought was an abstract floral print ! It must be my floral obsessed nail art mind that persuaded me to turn it into a floral, oh well !

For this nail art, the polishes I used were American Apparel Hassid for the base (seriously, this polish is a-mazing, words can't describe how happy I am to have purchased it), then for the bird/flower things, I used OPI Strawberry Margarita, P2 Artful and then 17 Baked Cherry. Considering I messed up on what the design was supposed to represent, I'm really happy with how it turned out !

So I hope you all liked this second post in the fashion series, I certainly enjoyed making all the nail designs, even though it's been hectic trying to fit in writing all the posts this week !

Have a great day everyone !


  1. They are beautiful, can you do a tutorial please?

    1. Thank you ! And I can try and do a picture tutorial once I get back to regular posting if you wish ! :)

  2. Gorgeous nails!:)



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