Friday, 14 September 2012

Swatch : Barry M - Aqua Glitter

Hey there guys ! So for the first time ever on this blog, I have a swatch for you ! Now this is mainly because I finally got my hands on some Essence peel-off base coat when I was in Cologne (mind you, it was my Mum who found it, I couldn't see it for looking on the shelf !), and I'm only now getting round to trying it out !

I haven't worn any glitter (apart from yesterday when I foolishly didn't use the peel-off base coat on my thumbs) since the 15 day nail art challenge, and I must admit, I have deeply missed the sparkle of wearing glitter polish on my nails ! This particular polish is Aqua Glitter by Barry M, which contains super fine teal/aqua micro-glitter as well as small hex glitters of the same colour in a tinted teal base.. so pretty ! I think I may have to invest in some more glitters from this release when I leave for England next week, maybe the fushia one ? It looks reaaaally pretty !

I always used to dread wearing glitter polishes (as much as I love them) because I couldn't stand the removal process, and also because I didn't always have pure acetone around the house, which makes the tin foil method seriously annoying ! I would just expect it to slide off, but no, glitter would always remain !

And that's it for my first swatch post ! I have to admit, I don't often wear a plain nail polish by itself, but I couldn't possibly cover up this beauty ! Oh I forgot to say, I used three coats for this swatch, and the formula was pretty great (as is to be expected from Barry M) ! There's a tiny bit of VNL, but only really close up, so that doesn't matter too much, nothing a base colour can't sort out !

Have a great day everyone !


  1. Gorgeous colour!!:)

  2. Really pretty with the glitters. A pitty indeed they are so hard to remove.


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