Sunday, 9 September 2012

NOTD : I'm baaaaack !

Hey there guys ! So normal posting can resume for the next week, and I'll hopefully be doing a NOTD every day this week, up until the new series I'm planning starts up next Monday when I leave for England ! I bought literally loaaaads of nail polishes (I always find them so cheap in Germany, way cheaper than France at least, but that's not hard), over 20 I think, plus some bits and bobs to go in the prize for my upcoming celebratory giveaway (more info on that in a couple of weeks) ! Just a quick design today though, as I'm busy planning the next series !

So amongst all the new polishes I bought, I bought a few polishes from brands I haven't purchased from before, the one featured in today's mani being American Apparel. I found the formula to be great regarding the actual polish, but the brush (which I presume is designed to be able to get right to the bottom of the bottle ?) is really really long, and sometimes quite awkward to paint properly. Maybe it's just because I need to get used to the shape and length of the brush, who knows !

For this simple polka dot design, I used American Apparel Office for the base (great colour by the way, just what my collection has ben missing !), and then using a medium dotting tool I made the dot design using Manhattan Rodeo Drive. I was previously unimpressed with the beige Manhattan polish I bought last time I was in Germany, a mini bottle which dried up super fast, and didn't have great application in the first place, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this new colour has a great consistency, and I would imagine is great as a base colour ! It's a sort of dusty olive green colour with a really subtle silver shimmer, but unfortunately you can't see the shimmer on the photos here !

I really love how these two colours go together, the Rodeo Drive polish dries a lot darker than in the bottle, both Office and Rodeo Drive looked super similar in the bottle (minus the shimmer, obviously) ! Both are really unique in my collection (yes, could you believe I'm lacking in the mint green department ?), and the American Apparel was totally worth the 9€ I payed for it !

Also here's a photo of the Cologne cathedral, taken from the Rhine river on a boat trip I went on ! It's seriously a great city, sight-wise and shopping-wise, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling to Germany !

Impressive right ? The cathedral is seriously pretty when you stand right underneath it.. you feel tiny in comparison !

Enjoy your day everyone !


  1. Those colours are lovely together. I love polka dot manis! The Cathedral looks stunning!

    1. Thanks ! Polka dots are great, right !

  2. i love the colour combination!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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