Saturday, 22 September 2012

TMH Fashion Week : Marc Jacobs (again)

So hello and welcome to this week's new series : Try My Hand Fashion Week ! I have a full seven days, from Monday to Sunday (whilst I'm preparing my move to uni in the UK), of nail art inspired by fashion designers either fresh from the runway at New York fashion week, or way back from Spring 2012 ! So prepare yourselves for a week of funky prints and bright patterns, it's TMH Fashion Week !

Hey everyone ! So today is moving day on towards Bath to start my course at university (after Freshers' Week, that is), so today and tomorrow I expect to be pretty busy, but never worry, I have today and tomorrow still at the ready with scheduled posts ! And without further ado, today's nails !

So I know I've already done a Marc Jacobs design in this fashion week series, but I couldn't resist this one after seeing it showcased at the New York Fashion Week ! This design is for Spring 2012, and although it seems kind of gloomy for Spring/Summer, I really love the pattern on this dress ! I concentrated on the bottom part of the dress, mainly because I was too lazy to do plain black and white checks on one nail !

Creating this design was very simple : all I used was American Apparel T-Shirt for the white base, then using my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in black, I drew on the pattern on each nail. I started by doing triangular shapes coming up from the tip of each nail, then alternated stripes and checks between each section of triangle. I must admit, my hand was pretty achy at the end but it was totally worth it !

So what do you think ? Do you like this design as much as I do ? I actually kept this design on my nails for quite a while (over 12 hours, which is pretty good, considering I didn't keep on any of the designs I featured in this series), which just goes to show how much I love it !

So just one day left in my TMH Fashion Week series, I hope you're enjoying it ! Tune in for more tomorrow, and enjoy the rest of your day !


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