Thursday, 6 September 2012

As Seen On : Nails by Kayla Shevonne

So at this current moment I am on holiday in Cologne (and will be for the next few days), so I've got a whole 6 days of scheduled posts for you, as part of an "As Seen On..." series. So from Monday to Saturday, I'll be featuring some of the very first nail blogs I started reading, bloggers who inspired me to start my very own nail art blog, and re-creating one of their manicures for each day of this series !

Hey there ! So today is the fourth installment in my "As Seen On.." series, and I really hope you're enjoying it ! As you've probably seen in the title, the nails I'll be recreating today are by the wonderful Kayla from Nails by Kayla Shevonne ! I've been reading her blog for several months now, and her blog is so awesome, especially for people who are just getting in to nail art, as Kayla has done a wonderful Manicuring 101 series on how to care for your nails, as well as giving great advice on how to maintain healthy nails !

So for these nails I was inspired by Kayla's Pirate Triangles nail art, and I was so happy becacuse I actually own the colours that she used (the Pirates of the Caribbean collection is the only whole one I own) ! I did contemplate using OPI Skull and Glossbones for the base colour like Kayla suggested she did in her original post, but I decided to stick to a white base because I loved how hers looked !

The polishes I used for this design are OPI Alpine Snow for the base, then OPI Planks A Lot, OPI Mermaid's Tears and OPI Sparrow Me the Drama. I really wish my triangles would have shown up more opaque, but I suppose I'm not patient enough to wait for everything to dry and to do a second coat over each colour ! But oh well !

So that's it for today's post, and like I said before, I really hope you're enjoying this series ! I've had so much fun making it, and plus there's still two days left ! Enjoy your day !


  1. these are lovely!:)

  2. I actually love the slightly messy effect on the triangles. They look like they've been coloured in with crayons which I personally think looks adorable!

    1. Haha, thank you ! Glad to see you like the messy look !


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