Saturday, 8 September 2012

As Seen On : Very Emily

So at this current moment I am on holiday in Cologne (and will be for the next few days), so I've got a whole 6 days of scheduled posts for you, as part of an "As Seen On..." series. So from Monday to Saturday, I'll be featuring some of the very first nail blogs I started reading, bloggers who inspired me to start my very own nail art blog, and re-creating one of their manicures for each day of this series !

Hey there guys ! I can't believe it's the last day of this "As Seen On.." series, and I do really really hope you've enjoyed all these scheduled posts ! It was so hectic to do all the nails and write all the posts, but I've had so much fun doing it ! Today I'll be featuring Emily's blog Very Emily, a blog I've been reading almost since the beginning of when I first got in to nail art ! I really wanted to do one of her manicures using square studs, but I hadn't received my Born Pretty Store order until after I'd already done this design, but nonetheless, I still love this one !

So this nail art design is inspired by this teal and gold nail art over on Emily's blog, I didn't have any actual gold rhinestones, so I substituted them for yellow-y ones, which I think from a distance (and maybe with your eyes crossed) gives pretty much the same look ! I didn't do Emily's technique of leopard print, as I wanted to do my own spin on the design (plus the fact I've never done leopard print with a nail art brush) !

For this nail art design I used Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Accessorize Gold Dust and my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in black for the leopard details. I think Barry M Cyan Blue may have been a better match for A England Galahad which is what Emily used, but the colour I did use looks pretty similar ! I wish I had all the different rhinestones and everything that Emily uses for her designs, the amount of different sizes, shapes and colours that Emily owns in the way of rhinestones really is unbelievable !

And can you believe that that's it ? But as I said yesterday, I've got another series with a different theme lined up for the week beginning the 17th September for when I go to England, so not long to wait ! Enjoy your day !


  1. Oh my god thank you so much for this amazing blogpost! I am utterly lost for words, this really touched me! I'm so honoured you decided to recreate one of my manicures! I hugely love how your design turned out, I love how everyone does different kinds of leopard print and yours look really amazing! And yes hahahaa, I do have about a million different types or rhinestones and studs, you're always more than welcome to visit me and come play with them if you ever find yourself in Belgium! :D x

    1. Ahh you're absolutely welcome ! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and glad you like my leopard print ! And funnily enough, can you believe I was in Belgium just yesterday whilst travelling back from Cologne (I was just passing through stations though) ! I'll let you know when I return next ! :) xx

    2. Oh wow that's amazing haha! I live all the way up north next to the border with the Netherlands, if you ever find yourself near let me know! :) Thanks so much again, really enjoyed this post and your nails are simply stunning. Totally made my day! x

  2. Lovely leopard print mani^^

  3. amzing nails"2"


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