Sunday, 2 September 2012

NOTD : Mini Polka-Apples

Hey there everyone ! So this will be my last NOTD for a whole week, as I'm going on holiday to Cologne and have scheduled posts for you all this week ! So as some of you have probably seen, a lot of blogs have started up the 31 day nail challenge which involves doing your nails to match a theme every day for a whole month. I was thinking of doing this challenge, but decided I unfortunately wouldn't be able to follow daily for the whole month of September so I'll be doing it at a later time (possibly November ?). Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails however is participating for the second time, and her first mani for the "red nails" theme was so adorable, I decided that it'd be the mani I would wear for going on holiday !

How cute is that ? Rebecca did apple nails for yesterday's challenge, and did a great photo tutorial for doing them as well ! I couldn't resist the cute mini apple print she did and thought they'd be great for a full mani without accents ! Oh how I love uniform nails !

So for this design I used OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh ?, OPI Big Apple Red (how convenient !), OPI You Don't Know Jacques and Collection 2000 Ninja. I love how from a distance you could mistake the apples for just plain red polka dots ! I just love fruit nails ! Plus the fact it uses nude and red.. such a great combination !

So that's it for today ! I'll see you in a week, but never worry, the scheduled posts are daily, and I can now reveal that all the posts will be part of an "As Seen On.." series ! How exciting ! Have a great day.. and week for that matter ! See you next Sunday !


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