Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Tutorial : Polka Dot Drips

Hey guys ! So today I've got a tutorial for you all (the first of plenty over the next few days) and it's for the Polka Dot Drips design I posted last week ! Here's a quick photo as a reminder, just in case you missed it !

And here's what you have to do to get this look :

1. Start with a base of your choice of white (or off-white) nail polish. I used American Apparel T-Shirt.
2. Use a dotting tool (or a bobby pin, or a pin, or a toothpick) to make a polka dot pattern in your choice of colour. I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama.
3. Using a nail art brush, start drawing a line that swoops down towards the base of your nail. I use black acrylic paint for this, but you can use black nail polish if you prefer (I prefer the ease of application with a nail brush with acrylic rather than polish).
4. Carry on painting the line with another swoop towards the base of the nail and join to the other side of your nail.
5. Fill it in !
6. Add a couple of dashes using white nail polish to give your drips a cartoon effect. I used American Apparel T-Shirt.
7. Top coat it, and you're all done !

So that's all there is to it ! Send me photos of your designs or send me a link if you use this tutorial so I can have a look and see what you come up with ! It's a really forgiving design in that it's quite easy to just add a bit more black around the edges to even things up, and also, top coat does wonders to any design, honestly !

Tomorrow I should have some swatches for you on here, so stay tuned for that ! See you then !


  1. I will have to try this after the 31 Day Challenge is done!

  2. Such a cute design, will give this a try :)


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