Sunday, 1 September 2013

Alphabet Nail Art Challenge : X for XOXO

Good evening everyone ! Now I'm a bit disappointed with today's nail art as it's a bit boring, but I'm feeling uninspired since the frustration with my watermarbling yesterday, I'm quite looking forward to this challenge being over and done with soon and being able to have a break from nail art for a bit ! Perhaps I'll do some swatching after that as a sort of "palette cleaser" !

See what I mean ? I love the half hearts design and everything, but the colours I chose are just... bleh ! I wanted to write "xoxo" on a couple of my nails, but that didn't really work with the size of letters I wanted to do so I just went with the hearts. I should have really chosen a darker pink colour instead of the light one, or if I'd have paired the light pink with a dark pink that would have been fine, I don't know why I didn't just do that but hey ho, it's done now !

The pink I used was an unamed Color Club polish and the silver was Barry M Silver Foil. I don't know whether it's just me but my Gold Foil polish seems to be a lot more opaque than its silver counterpart, have any of you noticed this if you own these polishes ?

Right well that's all I have to say about this design really, it's nothing special, here's hoping I come up with something slightly better for tomorrow's ying yang theme ! I'm off to bed now as I'm really tired, perhaps a good night's sleep will help with my nail-art-uninspiration ! See you then !


  1. I think this looks really cool - it's not blah at all! :)

  2. Very original and creative - love it :)

  3. I agree on the problem with the colours, but I still find it beautiful :)

  4. I don't have Silver Foil but I have Gold and it is pretty fab, so I can imagine Silver failing to live up to that standard! I hate feeling uninspired so I know where you're coming from, but these are still really pretty. x


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