Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tribal Transfers

Hey guys ! Today's post is a manicure I did a while ago, attempting to use the selotape transfer technique. Basically what you're supposed to do is paint your chosen polishes onto bits of selotape, leave them to dry, peel the polish off the selotape (not always necessary) and then cut it into the shapes of your choice to stick directly onto your nail.

Let's just say I failed miserably.

All in all I really liked the way the design turned out, I'm not going to deny that ! However the process was painstakingly long, and the actual manicure in itself lasted all of about 10 minutes. I am however partly to blame for the failure of this design. I didn't remove the polish from the selotape because I couldn't be bothered, I hadn't mapped out the actual finished design that I wanted to achieve using this technique, and worst of all, I couldn't be bothered whilst creating the design on my nails to snip off the protruding bits of polish/selotape at the end of my nails ! Sigh. I guess I'm too impatient when it comes to nail art for this kind of technique !

The polishes I used for this design were OPI Alpine White, OPI Big Apple Red and Barry M Cyan Blue. As soon as I finished taking photos of this manicure I started lifting up the bits of selotape at the ends of my nails and lifting all the pieces up, which was fun in itself but frustrating after having slaved over the design for over an hour (not including the time I waited for the polish to dry on the selotape) !

I've seen this technique work for many people over the blogger community, but I suppose I'm just not one of them ! Not for manicure-longevity, in any case !

And there we go, hope you enjoyed the fails !

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  1. Design looks pretty. I have found this process cumbersome too.


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