Thursday, 26 July 2012

NOTD : Dotty Gradient

Oh my life, another day of 30°C sunny weather and me expiring in the lounge ! Plus I've been having to sort out hay bales which is actually the WORST job ever ! But anyway, I really haven't been up to much, just sitting around and running a few errands when I have to, I decided my nails needed re-doing !

I've been seeing this design around for quite a while now, ever since gradients became the "in-thing" in the nail art world ! I suppose people wanted to step out from the crowd and do their own thing with the gradient trend ! I quite like the design, and it's actually really simple to do, whether it's quicker than a plain gradient or not I couldn't say !

So the colour I used for the base of this design was Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, then for the dots I used my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in pink. Now I wasn't expecting for the pink to be neon in this pen. I can't decide whether it's a good or a bad thing as I mean neon is great and everything, but it's not the most practical colour for me to use for nail art. All the same, I'll still be using it on a regular basis I should imagine !

And there we are ! Another day's manicure, until I get bored of it and start again ! Hope you're still enjoying the weather, and that you're not being forced in moving hay ! If however you are, I feel for you, I really do !


  1. This is gorgeous! Pink isn't a colour I'd normally wear but this works for me :)

    1. Thanks ! I love pink, though i don't usually do plain pink designs !

  2. Moving hay is a bit of an understatement!!!!!! Not sure that you actually moved that much!!


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