Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Big Brother is always watching

Right so today I'm going to be posting another old mani from my stock ! I really loved this design, as I think it looked really impressive, especially from a distance !

I found this look really easy to create, and my right hand actually didn't turn out too shabby either. I actually don't think I kept this design on my nails for that long, either because I really wanted to do a different design, if not I probably changed it because I got freaked out by the eyes !

Ok so the colours I used for this design were OPI Skull and Glossbones for the base, OPI Alpine White, P2 Jetset for the irises of the eyes, and then I used my Models Own black nail art pen for all the outlining. I finally got all the colours when I went over to England last month, they're seriously a godsend for nail art, I love them ! I've actually got 4 of the black ones because I just find them so useful for outlining and intricate designs !

So that's it for today ! Hope you like the design, have you ever done a design that you really like but it hurts your eyes looking at it ?

See you tomorrow guys !


  1. What an original manicure! not usual but nice =)
    I notice you don't use water decals, don't you love them?

    1. Thanks ! I've never actually tried water decals, so I wouldn't be able to say, but at the moment I'm more than happy with freehand nail art ! :)


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