Monday, 26 August 2013

Alphabet Nail Art Challenge : R for Rasta

Hey there everyone ! I'm trying out a new way of watermarking and presenting my photos today, ready to go with my new layout which'll be up pretty soon too ! Let me know what you all think of it ! Anyway, I wasn't particularly excited about today's theme - "R for Rasta", but here's what I came up with !

I've never really been in to the whole rasta/jamaican sort of trend, a lot of people who were at school with me were though ! I'm really happy with the way it looks though, especially as I used a design I've been wanting to try for ages : half moon + tips in different colours ! I added the marijuana leaf as it just happens to be what the red, green and yellow together makes me think of, although the one on my ring finger looks a bit more like a palm tree than a leaf !

I started with the yellow for the base using Maybelline Electric Yellow as it's the lightest colour, I then painted the green half moons with Collection 2000 Ninja and the tips with OPI Big Apple Red. I used black acrylic paint and a standard google image to paint the marijuana leaf silhouette ! So what do think of the one on my ring minger ? Palm tree or leaf ?

I don't think I'm completely won over with the whole rasta thing, but I do like the way it's turned out ! I think someone who's in to it would appreciate these nails far more than I do, so I think I'll just stick to the florals !

It's really late now, I've spent so long procrastinating since I first started writing this post about an hour ago, so I need to go to bed now ! See you all again tomorrow !


  1. Your marijuana leaves look fantastic - nothing to do with palm trees at all!!!
    Also loving the tri-colour half moon nails - super!! :D


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