Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I'm off to Prague !

Hey you guys ! So I'm sorry but I haven't got a nail post for you today as it's late and I haven't prepped any photos for you ! Instead I'm just going to show you a few photos I've taken whilst I've been in Berlin ! I'm heading to Prague tomorrow until Saturday, so I'm afraid there won't be a nail post until Sunday at the earliest I don't think ! But anyway, here are some photos for you !

Potsdamer Platz, one of my favourite places in Berlin

Yeah, that's a 23,000€ bottle of whiskey...

Brandenburg Gate, naturally

Yeah that's normal... did you see Darth Vader in the background ?

A full bucket of cherries from the garden, they were seriously yummy !

Mmmmm my favourite chocolate !

Berlin Fernsehturm

You can't go to Berlin and not watch karaoke on a Sunday

Day trip to Leipzig, can you believe this is a university building ?!

Ampelmen are the best

Yes, I did eat that whole pizza all by myself

Uh huh... horse sausages...

A mural in Leipzig I thought looked good !

The Siegesäule from below

Bradenburg Gate and the Fernsehturm from half-way up the Siegesäule

And the same view from the very top of the Siegesäule !

A (half-eaten) currywurst, of course

The Pergamon Altar in the Pergamon Museum

The Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum

Isn't that just so cute ? ... it was HUGE as well !

The Siegesäule seen from the Brandenburg Gate at sunset

Yep, you can do a tour of Berlin whilst laying in bed : best of both worlds !

This is such a massive bear, notice the rip in the hoodie

We went on a bike ride to see the sunset from a hill

An here is said sunset !

So there you go ! I need to go and dry my hair and get things sorted before tomorrow, I have a REALLY early start and I'm not going to get much sleep as it is, so I'd better not eat into my precious sleepy time any more ! Night night everyone !


  1. You need to visit me next time! :)

  2. Have a fab time! If you're a fan of Italian food I'd really recommend Pizzeria Ristorante Giovanni near the Astronomical Clock, the food is fab and dirt cheap!


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