Sunday, 26 May 2013

Swatch : L'Oréal - Confetti

Good evening everyone ! I know it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been doing my nails but haven't had time to write any posts really, so that's why it's been a whole since my last post ! My exams went really well, and I managed to do all the work I had in time, now I've just got two exams left and I'll be back in France on Friday (with all of my nails varnish, of course) ! So today I've got a really cool swatch for you which I'm really excited about !

So this is L'Oréal Confetti over OPI Suzi's Hungary Again !, my first ever black and white glitter nail varnish ! It's the first time anything like this has really been available over here in the UK, so naturally, I was really excited when I saw it in Boots and I had to buy it ! I also found ANOTHER black and white glitter polish on another stand, but that'll be for another time !

For this swatch I used just one coat of Confetti, the formula was alright, nothing special and it tended to clog up so I had to shake it in between doing every few nails. There are three sizes of glitter in both colours, plus it's got a subtle blue shimmer running through it which you can only really see over dark colours.

So all in all I'm pretty pleased with this nail varnish, despite the fact that the formula wasn't that great, it's still a novelty for me at the moment and I think I might be incorporating it into more of my designs if I'm doing skittles or accent nails !

I'm off to bed now everyone, I'm really tired at the moment for some reason so I'm going to try to get an early night so that I can do plenty of revision tomorrow without getting too distracted ! See you all again soon, hopefully it'll be less than a week this time !


  1. stunning polish! i always wanted to have one like this! :)

  2. I adore this topcoat, I need to pick it up ASAP! I love your new nail shape too, I'm too scared to start shaping mine into points. Squared nails are my safety blanket haha!

    Mollie xo

  3. Love the colour combination with the bright pink and the contrasting black & white glitter! For some subtle feminine manicures, visit &

  4. Adore this style. I wish I was allowed to wear nail paint for work. I have to be boring and put clear on. It is not fair.

  5. Nails look pure gorge :) I'm well jel!


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