Monday, 6 May 2013

Purple Dots

Good afternoon everyone ! So today I have the last of my scheduled posts for you before I go back to the UK, hopefully I'll have something to post for you all on Wednesday but I obviously can't promise anything as I have exams starting next week so I obviously need to revise... oh priorities !

So this is a really simple design I did the other night, I wasn't feeling very inspired but I knew that I needed something to post for you all, so I just grabbed a nail polish that I hadn't used before and decided to pair it with one of my new Models Own pastel nail art pens !

The polishes I used for this design were an unamed Color Club polish (it's really sad that I can't find out the names, does anyone know what this one could be ?), and then I used my Models Own pastel nail art pen in purple. It was a really simple design to do, and I only used a tiny dotting tool to put an extra blob of the Color Club on top of all the nail art pen dots, I really like how it looks ! I'll probably be trying more of these combinations in the future !

Right so that'll be all for today folks, like I said earlier, I'll try to get something sorted for Wednesday, I'll probably be dying for a design by then as I'll still have my mani on from last week, oh the horror !


  1. Very nice! They are odd and beautiful :)

  2. Очень симпатично, по весеннему!


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