Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swatch : Accessorize - Pink Spice

Hello again everybody ! So I must apologise for my lack of posting this week, I completely forgot to post anything on Thursday evening (I ended up in bed watching Harry Potter again by 9 o'clock), and yesterday I was away visiting my Grandma so I couldn't post anything ! But, I'm back again today, this time with a swatch of an absolutely amazing nail varnish ! You won't be disappointed !

So this is Pink Spice by Accessorize, a polish I picked up quite a while ago but never got round to swatching until now ! This nail varnish is made up of a deep pink jelly base, with duochrome shimmer and micro-glitter that shines bright pink, and at certain angles a really bright coppery orange colour... super pretty !

For this swatch I used two coats of Pink Spice, and then a coat of Seche Vite. I've been wearing this colour for a whole week now and there's no sign of any chips or peeling, just a bit of tip wear at the end of my nails - result ! I could maybe have done with doing a third coat of this nail polish, but I felt that the coverage was even enough at 2 coats so I just left it there !

Sorry for the overly pale skin on this photo, but it shows off the duochrome-iness of this colour really well ! The shimmer really does look great in the sunlight, but it still glows even in the shade ! The consistency of this nail varnish was really good as well, I didn't have any trouble with application !

So that'll be all for today everyone, I'm off to bed because I'm tired from the travelling I've been doing ! I'll see you again tomorrow, hopefully with a Saint Patrick's Day manicure !


  1. Gorgeous! I might just have to get myself one <3

  2. Oh that's really nice! Very unusual x


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