Saturday, 23 February 2013

Swatch : OPI - Vant to Bite My Neck ?

Hey everyone ! So I had planned to do some nail art today, but I woke up this morning with really bad vertigo for some reason so I've been bed-ridden all day ! Couldn't even bare to sit down to concetrate on my nails, so instead I've been sitting sorting out the swatch photos I prepared last week, and that's what you'll be getting today I'm afraid ! Plus my Mum and sister are arriving here tomorrow so I'm afraid it's going to be scheduled swatch posts until I'm free to do my nails again on Thursday when they leave (can you believe I've STILL got GoldenEye on my nails ?) !

So today I've got a swatch of OPI Vant to Bite My Neck ? for you all, from OPI's new Euro Centrale collection for Spring 2013. Vant to Bite My Neck ? is a deep deep dark aubergine purple, that can go from being super bright and vivid in the sunlight, to really really dark in the shade.

For this swatch I used two coats, although if you're careful you can do it in just one (I think there's more depth to it with 2 though) ! I also used Seche Vite over this colour, as I had to go to lectures before it would have time to dry completely, but if I had the time I could have easily left it without, as it has an amazing hi-shine glossy finish to it.

I personally LOVE this colour, and I think it's going to come in really useful with future nail art designs and such, so I'm really looking forward to using it more ! I think it'd look great in a floral design with a few other colours.. we'll see !

I'm going to go to bed now and get some rest (even though I've been in bed all day), so tune in tomorrow for another swatch post that I'll sort before my family arrives in the morning (probably won't post until early evening though, so keep an eye out) ! Night night everyone !


  1. This is such a gorgeous colour, dark purples is one of my signature and favourite polish colour to wear, especially in the winter and this one is stunning! :)

  2. Wow that is such a gorgeous shade of purple. I always, always, always love purple polishes!


  3. Ich hab gelesen, dass du Deutsch studierst, dann kann ich dir ja auch auf deutsch schreiben! :)
    Bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen und ich finde ihn wirklich super! Du hast tolle Nägel und machst tolle Bilder!

    Vant to bite my neck? steht auch auf meiner Wunschliste! Der ist wirklich einfach zu schön!


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