Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Swatch : Shimmer Polish - Fanny

Good evening everybody ! So I've been super busy since my last post last week, but I promise I have very good reasons for my absence ! I got back to uni late last Saturday, and I didn't lift a finger work-wise the entire time I was home in France, so I've had lots of catching up to do, plus house hunting for somewhere to rent for next year ! See ? Told you I had a good reason ! So anyway, I still have an essay to finish, so this'll have to be a very quick swatch post for you all today !

So this beauty is Fanny by the wonderful Shimmer Polish ! There's a huge mix of different coloured glitter such as pink, red, gold, purple and a subtle green, in a light dusty pink tinted base. The mix of colours makes for a really interesting polish, which shines in all different colours in different lights !

For this swatch I used three coats of Shimmer Polish Fanny on my thumb, ring and index finger, then for the two accent nails I did a light gradient over OPI Casino Royale. I absolutely love this shade in both the plain glitter and the glitter gradient, I think I'll definitely be doing more gradients with this polish, it applied really well, and looks great !

The formula on this polish was great, as was Jasmine by Shimmer Polish which I swatched a while ago ! Three coats is definitely enough for this glitter by itself, and any visible nail line is pretty hard to spot !

You can buy Shimmer Polish either through the blog, or via the Etsy website, and there is also a Facebook page for you to keep up to date with news and giveaways !

So that's all for today folks, I'm off to write some more of this essay, oh joy ! Have a great evening everyone !


  1. i love the mix of colours and glitter, how nice!:)

  2. i love this idea! mani, accent and gradient all in one!

  3. Love it! Love the color combos and the glitters. I wanna try this out...

  4. Wow, this is so pretty! I love the jelly base and it looks great as a gradient :)


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