Thursday, 3 January 2013

Swatch : OPI - The Living Daylights

Good evening everyone ! I had time to do my nails again today ! Happy times ! I've been feeling quite uninspired recently for some reason, plus the fact that I don't have all my nail varnishes with me seeing as I'm "on holiday" back at home because I won't be able to carry my whole stash back with me ! Hopefully I'll be inspired again once I get back to all my babies (my nail varnishes that is... I'm not ashamed) !

So today's swatch (and my current NOTD) is OPI The Living Daylights over OPI Skyfall, both from the most recent OPI collection in honour of 50 years of James Bond. I really really love all the nail varnishes in this collection, and I think that this glitter topper is really original ! This swatch shows about 1.5 coats of The Living Daylights, as I did quite a bit of blobbing to get the glitter where I wanted, but the formula and coverage was really good anyway !

I wasn't sure initially when I first looked at the different polishes in this collection, as to whether I'd like this glitter or not, but it's really grown on me since I've been wearing it ! From a distance it looks sort of like scales, which is really cool, and the colour combination is really cool, I love it over Skyfall (but that's a whole other story about another amazing colour) !

And that's it for today ! I will assume that you have all fully understood by now that I'm absolutely in love with this collection ! I can't wait to do even more nail art (once I have a wider choice of colours to use) and different combinations with the Skyfall collection ! Expect another Germany collection repeat, I LOVE IT !

I'll see you all again soon everyone, have a great evening !


  1. Something about this glitter just makes me feel for a "Dry Martini" :D Stirred, Not Shaken!!!

    Very Pretty Mani!

  2. Ugh I am so in love with this glitter! I love the shade you paired it with :) <3

  3. It's a lovely combo, the brown polish with the glitter.

  4. s pretty i love the brown with that glittler!:)

  5. I passed over this glitter but I'm kinda regretting it now. It looks so pretty over the base you paired it with!


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