Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 10 of 2012

Good evening everyone ! So seeing as it's the last day of the year, I thought I'd do a round-up post of my favourite nail designs on my blog from 2012 ! Now I know I only started in July, but I've still managed to grab together a good top 10 for today's post !  So here we go... Try My Hand's top 10 of 2012 !

Number 10 : M&M's

So in at number 10 we have my M&M's manicure from back in October. I really like this manicure because it's one that I've re-done from when I wasn't really very good at nail art, so it was great to compare and just to see how far I've come over the past couple of years ! Plus the fact that I love M&M's, and I have a feeling I may soon have to go out of my way to get to the official store in London, I got a huge bag of pink and purple-y coloured peanut M&M's for Christmas that I've practically demolished !

Number 9 : Cherries

Next up is my cherry design I did at the beginning of November. I'd been thinking about doing this design for a long time and I was really happy about the way it turned out when I finally got around to doing it ! The only thing that irritated me about this manicure was the fact that I forgot to do the white dots on one pair of cherries to make them look shiny, so annoying !

Number 8 : Spotty Gradient

This was what I called "spotty gradient", a design which was inspired by one of Sarah at Chalkboard Nails' designs, and I was really happy with how it looked ! I did this manicure during my phase of using all the OPI Germany collection polishes for my manicures, needless to say, it's an amazing collection ! I'll have to do this design again soon with my new Skyfall colours I think !

Number 7 : Leopard Print Hearts

Number 7 is my latest design, leopard print and hearts, which I seriously love ! I really like how it turned out and am really pleased with the way the hearts turned out, but they could still do with some perfecting - you can't really see the heart shape properly on two of the nails, still a bit of work to be done there ! Leopard print is definitely my go-to design for when I'm feeling uninspired, it always looks great and goes with anything !

Number 6 : Snowflakes

Up next is one of my advent calendar designs I did during the lead-up to Christmas, the Christmas Snowflakes ! I have to admit, some of the snowflakes looked better than others, and my hand really started to crap using my nail art pen towards the end, but they still looked great from a distance, and it's really only when you know something isn't right that it annoys you ! Do you get what I mean ?

Number 5 : Germany Floral

So here's what I called "Germany Floral", another one of my Germany-collection-obsession designs ! I really love the neutral-ness (yes, that's a word now) of the colours, and they all seemed to come together really well all in all ! You can really see the greeny-ness of OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! when it's alongside the other polishes !

Number 4 : Leopard and Studs

Next up is another leopard print design which I did just after one of my nails broke about half way down and I had to cut all of them short to help with the healing ! This was the first time I'd used these square studs in a manicure and I seriously love the way it looks, it's a shame my nail glue was a bit too strong though as it ripped off some of the top of my nail !

Number 3 : Christmas Houndstooth

So this was another one of my Advent Calendar designs, and I kept this one on for almost 2 weeks, something I haven't done since I went away for 10 days to Poland back in February (I was forced to, no time or space for nail varnish, sad times) ! Despite the small imperfections on the index finger, I was seriously seriously amazingly pleased with the way this turned out ! I love houndstooth !

Number 2 : Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea ?

Spongebob ? Yeah ? Fair enough. Needless to say this absolutely deserves a spot in my top 10 of designs this year ! I spent forever on Spongebob's face, and it really did pay off ! I would have liked to have his face on all 10 (or at least 5) of my nails, but there was no way I would be able to get all of them looking presentable, oh well !

Number 1 : Dotty Swirls

And here it is, my number 1 nails of 2012 ! This design is so simple yet so effective, and it'd look great in all sorts of colours combinations ! I don't even know what it is I love about them so much (the fact that they were really quick and easy to do may have something to do with it), they're just great !

So that's it for today ! I can't believe it's taken me since 2pm to write this post (I've been starting and stopping all afternoon/evening), and now it's almost midnight over here in France ! So I'm going to wish you all a very very very happy New Year, and I'm off to bed !

By the way, which was your favourite design I did on my blog since I first started in July ?


  1. I love the leopard stud, and spongebob !!:)

  2. These are all so fantastic :) can't wait to see what designs you show us in the new year!
    Yasmin xx

  3. So many great manicures in such a short period of time! Can't wait to see many more from you in 2013! :)


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