Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent Calendar : Christmas Houndstooth

Hello again everyone ! I've got another Christmas-themed design for you all today, and I really hope you like it as much as I do, as I think this is one of my best freehand designs I've done ! Also I won't be able to post again until at least Sunday, because I'm travelling back to France for the holidays, so my mother is arriving tomorrow, then I actaully get back home where I'll be able to do nails on Sunday, so hopefully then ! Anyway, on to today's nails !

I'm seriously obsessed with houndstooth at the moment for some reason, and I'm glad I obsessed over it enough to do these nails today, I'm so pleased with how they've turned out, and they actually look a lot like nail wraps !

For this design I used exactly the same nail varnishes as I did for my snowflake nails from the other day, that being Orly On the List, with the houndstooth detailing done with my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen in white. The only thing I'd change about this manicure would be my index finger, as I'm not happy about not having left enough space and blobbing two of the white bits together ! I might just have to re-do that nail !

And so that'll be it until Sunday you guys ! I'm glad I've done a design I really like to last me until then, you know that awful feeling you get when you know you won't be able to change your design for a few days and you really don't like what you've got on ? Yeah, hopefully I'll be avoiding that one this time !

See you all then everyone ! I'll miss you !


  1. These are amazing! I can't believe it's freehand!
    Yasmin x

  2. OMG! These are freaking awesome lady! WOW WOW WOW!

  3. This is a great look! Did you do your other hand in such detail, too? Also -you should totally do a tutorial!

  4. WOW Great job! These look fantastic.

  5. WOW! I couldn't believe this is a freehand design! It's gorgeous!


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