Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Quick Update !

Hey there everyone ! So it's been two weeks since I posted any nails on here, so I thought I'd give you all a quick update and explain why I haven't been blogging ! As you may be aware, I started uni again at the beginning of the month, and the workload this year is proving to be a lot heavier than what I was used to last year ! I've barely found enough time to do my nails, let alone edit photos and write about them ! I hope you can understand my situation, but I will be making a concerted effort from now on to make time for blogging !

I've had the same design on for 10 days now, it's all chipping and wearing away at the tips, but I haven't had time to take it off yet so I'm just having to put up with it ! I have two presentations to do this week (one in Russian, one in European Studies) so I've been working my bum off all weekend trying to get them done and ready for Monday and Wednesday respectively. On Thursday I'm meeting up with my Mum and my sister as on Friday we're going to the Harry Potter Studio in London, which I'm SUPER excited about ! I'll definitely try and do my nails to mark the occasion, and of course, I'll do my best to post them on here !

So that's all I really wanted to tell you, I'll try and get a post up in the next couple of days so make sure you stay tuned for that ! See you all then ! :)

Sarah xx


  1. I've been to Uni so I know where you are coming from, that's absolutely fine. Thanks for letting us know, and I hope your presentations go well. Looking forward to seeing some more designs sometime in the future :)

  2. 10 days?! Haha, how is that possible? ;) Good luck with everything. I'm totally jealous you are going to the Harry Potter Studio! I'm sure your nails will look fabulous for the occasion.

  3. Good luck and looking forward to the next post with new ideas. x


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