Saturday, 27 April 2013

NOTD : Coat Fabric

Hey there everyone ! So this is a just a quick break in between writing out Russian grammar tables and watching The Bourne Identity to write up a post for you all seeing as I haven't posted anything since Wednesday ! I've finished all my lectures for this year now so I'm in total revision period at the moment to prepare for my exams, yikes ! Anyway, I'm still managing to find a bit of time to do my nails (one of my many procrastination strategies), so here you go !

So I did these nails yesterday as a template for a design I've been asked to do to match an outfit that my Godmother is wearing to a wedding, inspired by her coat ! I went for a rough representation of the fabric, using the different colours that appear in it, and did a design which is similar to the method I used for my Gingham Nails. Unofrtunately I apparently don't own enough different blue nail varnishes, so the base colour I used is slightly brighter than the actual material, I still think it looks fine though !

For the base colour I used Models Own Blooboo, then for the different lines to create the effect of the material I used P2 Who Cares ?, OPI My Vampire is Buff, OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons, and then I mixed OPI Berlin There Done That with OPI My Back Pocket for the darkest lines. I think it has turned out really well considering I was only aiming for a rough representation of the actual material and I'm really pleased !

So that's all for today everyone, I need to do and do some more revision before it's time to go to bed, hopefully I'll write something up soon for you all (no doubt I'll find some excuse to avoid revision) !


  1. Procrastination... Since I start my nail's blog I spend too many time... But I love it! And your nails!

  2. I think your design are fucking awsome!


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